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Took me 2 days, but I got the Christmas tree done at work!
Plus I also have a list of what I need to get the tree for next year. We have too many balls, I want to go out and get some other decorations for the tree that are not round, plus not red or green.
I'm the only one at work that does the decrating at work. Everyone hates its! LOL
So when I buy something my manger pays me back for it.
The tree topper broke.....My manger picked one up last year. Everone hated it! It did not go with the tree at all! Plus it was too small to fit on the tree *hint why I now do the shopping*
I went to get it out and it fell apart...So getting a new one this weekend.

I have a few things going on this weekend. Going to see santa on Saturday with some family.
Sunday I have that small Christmas carol thing. Its going to be fun!!!
Got news this week that we are doing Rumpelstilskin for a school on Dec 23!
If we have everyone in the group then I get to play the king's sister and Ri will be the Miller's Daughter. Her husband will be playing the king, Pagie wil be Rumpelstilskin, Corey as the Miller and Kerry as the King's mother. But if Pagie can't make it Then Ri will be the Rumpelilsking and Me as the Miller Daughter...*hides* Pagie better make it!!!
We are having a small meeting Sunday after the fair about the play and see if we have any more people that want to help out and work out the parts.
I miss doing small plays at the schools! I hope we can do some more after the new year!

Other then that, not too much going on. But I better end this and get my day started....Its too cold, Wish I could stay in my bed all day. Oh well
Take care all

~ ~ ~ CRY ~ ~ ~

well my plans to help get some cooking done was cut short.....I was peeling the apples and cut the tip of my finger very bad! =( It still really hurts. I got the bleeding to stop and now have my finger all wrapped up! I love cooking and baking, I've have cut my self many times but never this bad!
So now I am sitting in my room watching Little House on the Prairie, This happens to be a very good show! I could watch this all day long!
I'm now happy that I have tomorrow off! I would have a hard time getting three and everything up. I'm, sure by Sunday my finger will be so much better!!

I really want to take a nap, but if I fall asleep now, I may not be up in time to get JackJack from school. Oh so about the Pre school he goes too, Its also a daycare too, and mom use to work with one of the ladies when she was at kmart, and the lady was telling my mom that they don't think they want to be open on Friday sine all the parent will be out shopping and its not fair to them to be babysitting! OK you are a daycare! Alot of parents also work on FRIDAY! Also if they wanted Friday off they should have had it in the newsletter a few weeks ago!
JackJack does not go on Fridays, but still does make me a little mad, I'm sure there a lot more upset about them saying this too.

SO yeasterday at work when I got in there were cops there. I work at a motel so I see them alot.
I guess from what I was told a guy and girl where yelling at each and the guy began hitting her.
The cops had to jump on the guy just to get him in the car!
I've seen much worst. The motel I work at has been going down hill...we get more drug people and dancers now. We use to be a nice place for families and old people. We still get them. But they really dont like being around all of them. I do get scard at times and have stood up to a pimp who I really hate. He pissed me off so bad that sine the room was under his girl's name and she locked him out I kicked him out of are lot. *3 times I should* the 3rd time he came running walking back yelling at the girl. I told him the cops where on there way, He took off running. LOL I love my job!! I love being called a B****

Ok my finger, even tho I am not use it, is starting to hurt. I will try and update tomorrow. Dont know how busy I will be.

sorry for the short post

Well I don't go back to work tell Monday.......Manger has his kids workig all Thrusday. SO doing the tree on Monday! This is going to be a long weekend.
Was planning to go to the mall after I take JackJack to school,with my sister in law, but sine the weather is COLD out my sister-in-law can't make it sine Kayden is diagnosed with a very rare, but yet terminal diagnosis, called Hydranencephaly and she can't fine a sitter and we all dont want him sick on Thrusday, So I told her its ok if we dont go.We may go out Friday.
We may get together tonight and watch a movie with the boys. Jack really wants to see Kayden!

Well I better get jack washed up and get him to school. Then come home and pull out my book and READ tell I have to go get him. I will try and post more later tonight! Take care everyone!
Had a somewhat well Weekend. Really did not do anything. haha
Getting ready for Thrusday this week! I'm so in the mood for pumpkin pie and my Grandma makes the best!
I also work like always on Thrusday and at work on Thanksgiving I put up the christmas tree and lights! I love putting the tree up!
I always bring my laptop down with me and listen to mucis, so I am working a on a new music list.
Today after I take JackJack to school I may go to a doller store to pick up a few new things for the tree.

One of my books that I order did come in mail on Saturday so I have been reading it! Its called Thunder Heart and its very good! Hard to put down!!!
I should have another one coming in today. I should also when I get the time bookmark the next 3 books I want to order offline and send for them on Friday. I'm running out of places for my books I have so many of them! I do reread a lot of them when I dont have a new book.

Well its most 9am. I should maybe start my day..Got to get some cleaning done and looks like my room got rob so I should get that clean. Don't have any wash to do sine I did alot of it on Friday! YAy!
Have a good day!!!
Why is it every time I go out with my soon to be sister in law it turns out to be all damn day when we plan to go out for an hour?
Really, 2 weeks ago we got together and went to Target, that was all we plan to do, then after Target we went to Huhot for lunch, then went to a tanning place then Shopko.
A week before that we went to both walmarts in town *we have like 3* and the blackBear diner. haha, then today we just plan to get together for lunch, then we went to Shopko then Kmart! Shopping buddies!

JackJack is now asleep! So I plan to mess around on line then do some reading. Right now I am reading Reckless Hearts By Madeline Baker. I'm working on her books right now. This one I have been wanting to read for some time, but its not all that good. I'm half way done with it. I have another book Renegade Hearts also by Baker on its way in the mail. I hope I get it on Monday! Also another one I really want to read!
Her books are ok, some are not the best. But there are some that I liked!

Got a big day tomorrow! Going to see Disney On Ice!! Going with my aunt and little cousin. JackJack really likes Mickey Mouse! He is so happy to be going! Plus its Disney and I love Disney! Yes I do plan to go see Tangled on the 24! LOL

Well I think I am going to head off to bed now and do some reading! Good night everyone!
Been a LONG time!
Sorry its been awhile. Like a year!
Want to start LJ back up to give me something to do more during the day.
Life has been good I guess.
JackJack is now 3 years old! He is such a smart little boy! He is now in Pre pre School! He can count to 10, knows his color and knows a few of the ABC. But where he going I dont think if I will send anynmore kids there, (if I have any more) I've been paying $87 sine Aug, thats for two weeks, for 3 days half a day. Go in last Monday to pay and get told I should be paying $123. I look at lady and was like No that is not what I was told. So she goes and tells me that he is here for the wholes days. I'm like wait WHAT? I was told 4 hours counts as half a day, and that SHE told me $87 sine 4 hours is half a day. I go home to get the papers to show her that this is what she told me and if I am going to be paying over $100 I am going to look for another place. I guess that scared them, So I am now paying $75 for two weeks sine now its I've been over paying them. *smacks head*

Sine my brother has gone over seas I have been hanging out with his fiancee. We are already like sisters and are kids are the same age.

Stilling doing actting an still love it! We have a small Dickens fair coming up! We are dressing up as characters in a christmas Carol.
My friend Lucy is dressing up as Scroge's ex fiancee so I will be going as her granddaughter. *Yay I know his ex fiancee had only a small part in the story*
We hope to make this in too a bigger winter fair in a few years.
We also have a steampunk fair in the works! *more on that later* Also started to do some bum work down at the Milwaukee railroad house in town. I LOVE BEING A BUM!The two events we are doing there now and really BIG! Kids love it!

well I better end this before its LONG
Have a good you all!

Hope for my Nephew Kayden

Sorry, I know its been a long time sine I have been on here.

But please take the time to read this about my Nephew Kayden, (well soon to be nephew. ) Shanna, Kayden's mother is in need of a new car, She is Candidate 4


My brother ment her about 2 years ago and became a daddy to Kayden, My brother was just sent over seas for a year.
Kayden is a big part in my life, He is my little nephew and my son loves his cousin!

Shanna was 16 years old when her 3 day old son was diagnosed with a very rare, but yet terminal diagnosis, called Hydranencephaly. Her son, Kayden, is three years old right now, and has been given until the age of four to live.

Kayden had two strokes, one in utero (during contractions) and one right when he was born. Because of the two strokes it demolished and disintegrated all of his brain but his brain stem and cerebellum. From the day he has been born he has been fighting for his life every single day. This has taken a toll on Shanna and her family, especailly with her not being able to work because no daycares will take him because he is so medically fragile.

Throughout the years they have both been though ups and downs. One of the downs being the vehicle Shanna owns. It is a 88 Buick and is literally falling apart. Shanna drives her son almost on an every other week basis to doctors appointments that range from 30 mins away to 4 hours away. She is terrified that the car will break down or stall in the middle of the interstate with her son in the car. With Kayden getting older it is getting harder for Shanna to bend down and put Kayden into his car seat because the car sits so low and because the car is so old the seats are starting to sink in.

They have been given a very rare, but beautiful opportunity to be in the running to win a new vehicle. She was nominated by one of her son's therapists that have been apart of their journey since day one. She was selected as one of the top four finalists to win this blessing and really needs your help. It's an online voting contest and the person with the most VALID votes at the end of the competition wins the vehicle. This would be one less thing that Shanna and her family would have to worry about with her son Kayden and the things that he is going through.

Please join in, in making a difference and giving hope for Kayden and Shanna!! Shanna and Kayden are CANDIDATE NUMBER 4. and it is ONE vote PER person PER valid email.


Just a fast post!

Busy day! Been cleaning all damn day! Redid my room and went threw all of jackJack's toys to make room for the news one he will be getting next week.
Been doing wash all day, thats about done. Plus I have a lot of dishes to do also. I HATE DOING DISHES! Brandon has a dishwasher for when get a house together! He knows how much I hate washing dishes!!!

Miss my computer so much! Want to listen to my music. I should have it by next week. I am planning to get a new one in June!

I need a new sewing box..I was cleaning mine out today and I have soo much that I put in it that I need a new one. Should get a nice big one and use my old one as a traveling one, sine evertime I go to work at a fair I take it with me!
My little cousin is coming in town next week! SO happy!
I plan to do a lot of sewing while she in town! I have so much to do on my dress and I have not even started! The hat is be the hardest sine I have never made one. But Ri is done with college for awhile and we are planning to do some sewing together. Going to make her help me with the hat!

well I better get going, still have a lot to do and sooo little time! Wish there was more hours in the day!
Take care!!!


Going to go outside in the cold and yell! Toilet was not wokring thanks to my brother, so I got to fix it all by myself! Sine he wanted to go back to bed, he going to be 21 I should add and does not have a job right now.
I could not fine the F**** plumbger and could not get ahold of anyone to tell me where its at sine its not in the bathroom. I found it after 20 mins looking around the whole house! Had to look up a few things online to make sure I did everthing right. I hope I did. so I hope its working right...If not then I am going to leave it and hide the plumbger so the next person can fix it!!!!

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